• Shawn Nutley

    Shawn Nutley

    Shawn Nutley is a serial entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of experience under his belt. Based in Kelowna, Canada, Shawn has a passion for building businesses.

  • Wendywidom


  • Taran Dhillon

    Taran Dhillon

    I am a Journalist, engineer & librarian interested in geopolitics,the Arctic, motorcycles, travel, and short stories. Get in touch on IG@dhillon1704

  • D. S. Nelson

    D. S. Nelson

    Research and commentary about human rights and social issues. Author of Villainy (2021)

  • Milan Zivkovic

    Milan Zivkovic

  • Randy Rivera

    Randy Rivera

    Former finance pro passionate about fintech @FinTExChiago and creatively solving business problems; founder @keenadvisors; co-founder @quointec

  • Yanina Kotlyar

    Yanina Kotlyar

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